Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.
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Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (SAES) is a PreK-9 American curriculum school district owned and operated since 1944 by Saudi Aramco. In contrast to its start as a one-room schoolhouse, SAES now consists of six schools that educate over 4,500 children of expatriate Saudi Aramco employees.

SAES enjoys an outstanding worldwide reputation for its high quality educational program, experienced professional staff, high performing students, supportive parents, excellent facilities and outstanding company support. The mission of Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools is to provide each student with an excellent education in support of attracting and retaining an international workforce.

Each school provides a comprehensive educational program that emphasizes academic disciplines, fine and applied arts, healthy lifestyles, athletics, and participation in a wide-range of co-curricular activities. In addition to the PreK-9 curriculum, SAES endeavors to promote cultural awareness and provide other learning opportunities uniquely available to Saudi Aramco families.

SAES schools are staffed by highly qualified, talented, and caring educators committed to optimizing each child's learning potential. To maximize student learning and achievement, SAES supports small class sizes. Faculty members are North American-certified, experienced, and have access to world-class resources and professional development to ensure successful delivery of a comprehensive educational program. A technology-rich curriculum, coupled with instructional best practices, serves to prepare students for a successful transition to secondary school and beyond as they prepare to be successful global citizens.

Prior to completing grade 9, students are supported as they research, select, and apply for secondary school admission. Parents and students can select from international schools in the Dhahran area or from a wide variety of traditional and boarding schools around the world.

SAES facilities are modeled after North American school campuses and are equipped with spacious, networked classrooms, learning media centers, art studios, music rooms, science labs, gymnasiums, sports fields, and playground equipment.

The school calendar begins in September, ends in June, and comprises three 12-week trimesters. The school week aligns to Saudi Aramco's and Saudi Arabia's work week and extends Sunday through Thursday, with weekends on Friday and Saturday. SAES observes all company and national holidays.

In the spring of each school year, SAES sponsors a variety of field trips to countries around the globe. For example, SAES students have traveled to:

  • Nepal, where students trekked, supported communities in need, and developed their understanding of the Nepalese culture and people.
  • Tanzania, where students built desks for a local school in need and participated in hiking and safari adventures.
  • Zululand, where students engaged in service to partner schools, explored wildlife, and experienced South African culture.

SAES also administers a community education program that serves employees and their dependents by providing opportunities for members of the community to teach and learn. Courses may include English as a Second Language, foreign languages, exercise, arts and crafts, technology and history, among other topics.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

The schools my kids are attending have exceeded all my expectations. The facilities and curriculum are outstanding, and with teachers, teacher assistants and volunteers in classrooms, you'll often find as many as three adults helping a class of less than 20 students.

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